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Cara Siccion
Est. since April 4th :)
Freshie<3 @ WLU
Ontario, Canada

My name is Cara. I live in this place called Canada. I constantly wear a toque and live in an Igloo. Well, actually I live in a house. Soon I will be living the good frosh life at Wilfrid Laurier University and having my own apartment. I spend my time hanging out with friends, blogging/ writing, reading, watching movies, listening to music, listening to the rainfall, looking out my window to catch a glimpse of snowfall and daydreaming. I`m always a mess, but I have always been capable of getting my fix.

So this is my journey through my cluttered room and my even more cluttered life endless thoughts that always seem to haunt me and other sugary things that sweep me off my feet.

Have a ball.

☮ ♥ ♬